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who am i

teacher kai strathmann

#earthling #human #skin #fascia #muscles #organs #bones #cells #energy
#artist #choreographer #dancer #teacher #musician–music-fanatic 

my movement language is characterized by autodidactic, dynamic and creative influences of the urban dance scene, merging in the last 12 years with contemporary dance techniques and body works like alexander technique and laban/bartenieff movement studies. contemporary dance with precise coordination and isolation of the body in relation to space, time and the play with the different qualities of movement. driven by the curiosity of experience.

i think and live through movement. there are no moments when something stands still. even sleep is just an external state of calm, i breathe, my heart beats, the blood flows. standing still is like death. no life would be possible without movement. even if you don’t look at movement somatically, but psychologically in the form of emotions of being moved. daily impressions, successes, failures, the ego, expectations, influences, plans, actions, surprises, fears, hopes, and much more keep the thoughts constantly on their toes. therefore, for me, movement is the elementary sign of life. „movement is the source of dance“>

#awareness #body #effort #flow #weight #time #space

short resume / curriculum vitae
2005 – 2011 teacher, dancer & choreographer in the urban/commercial dance world
2011 – 2015 bachelor study contemporary dance at folkwang university of arts
2015 – 2017 master study dance composition/choreography at folkwang university of arts
2013 – 2017 guest contract with pina bausch tanztheater wuppertal
2018 – today international freelancer as teacher, dancer & choreographer
2019 – today choreographer, dancer, musician, technician @ YIBU DANCE
2023 – today master study integrative composition at folkwang universitry of arts – ICEM
2025 – 2081 enjoying a sound inspired moving lifestyle

detailed resume / curriculum vitae